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What You Need to Know

CFOB has gathered information or facilitated workshops or forums on some subjects that have been of continuing interest. We have compiled some of these subjects on this page for your information. Please feel free to contact us through Ask CFOB if you have other topics or questions you think should be included.

Important Links

Here are a few important links to other civic organizations and to the City of Ormond Beach for your convenience and information.

Vacant Houses


Ormond Beach, like communities throughout the United States, has been affected by the housing crisis. Residents have seen unoccupied homes languish and deteriorate over lengthy periods of time. These properties have devalued our neighborhoods, and cost the city many thousands in lost revenue. In order to get a better perspective on the problem, Citizens for Ormond Beach, Inc., a long established civic group, has teamed up with other concerned residents to inventory these properties.

How you can help: Is there an unoccupied home in your neighborhood? Please post the full address with any comments you would like to add about the property by going to The Citizens for Ormond Beach Inc. website:


Once there, click ASK CFOB/CONTACT US in the header.

In the white box type in the full address of the property (i.e., N., W., Avenue, Lane) and any comments in the white box (such as approximate length of time it has been vacant or whether there are safety issues related to the deteriorating property).

Click submit.

This information will not be visible to the public and all submissions of information are completely anonymous.

In addition, if you are interested in joining the team that will research ownership and other pertinent information please E-mail rpress4852@aol.com. We would welcome the help!

Driver's Licenses

The new requirements for obtaining a Florida Driver's License have been confusing to practically everyone - so we've put everything you need to know right here!

Campaign Contributions

Of particular interest to our members since the Citizens United decision has been the ins and outs of campaign contributions, including in local elections. We have the information on local elections for you here.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Homes on the Loop

Many questions have been raised concerning the County Council's decision to change the permitted  community adjacent to the Loop from site built homes to mobile homes. A discussion of that issue presenting both sides can be found here.